monkey island koh rongThe rumours surrounding Monkey Island are as thick as the London fog… Some say its called Monkey Island because of the events that lead to the making of the film “King Kong”, apparently based on truth and ancient Cambodian legend – Monkey Island Koh Rong is said to be home to a mighty ape the likes have never been seen!
Years ago when the first fishermen set foot on Koh Rong or Khao Rung as it’s sometimes spelled, they were greeted by a strange and eerie presence – as if they were being watched. As the night drew on strange sounds came from deep within the jungle and sometime after dark…. The “hairy big-man” came out to play…
Only one of the original 12 fishermen made it back to Sihanoukville to tell the tale, his boat was smashed but he managed to drift back to the mainland on piece of driftwood. The single survivor was washed ashore babbling the words “monkey”…”Island”…”Monkey…”Island”. It’s said that those brave fisherman were not mistreated, in fact they were treated like kings by the lonely giant, and kept as man size Barbie dolls in his jungle lair until their dying days…

The other popular legend is that Monkey Island actually takes it’s name from it’s founders – a band of hairy fellows who began their lives together in the cheesy 60’s pop group “The Monkees”. Apparently seeking refuge from the trappings of fame and fortune and discovered when on their final 1968 far east tour, band member Peter Tork decided he’d had enough and split from the band but one by one as their musical careers faded into the 1970’s they all went back to the place where they could be kings among men….. Monkey Island – Koh Rong.




How to get there

Monkey Island – Koh Rong is serviced by daily boats; leaving Sihanoukville at 8:30am, 11:00am & 2:30pm and returning at 9:30am, 12:00pm & 4pm.

The pick up point for the PM boat is at Monkey Republic on Serendipity beach road and for the AM boat at Koh Rong Island Travel near the Golden Lions traffic circle. A truck will pick up everyone and their luggage and take them to the Monkey Island pier.

Journey time can vary depending on wind and sea conditions but it usually takes between 40 – 50 minutes. Monkey Island uses a large comfortable fast catarmaran, safe and quick!

Not to miss

Monkey Island – Koh Rong has loads to see and do, a few of the highlights are;

    • Relax on the white sand beach
    • Enjoy the warm crystal clear waters
    • Snorkelling
    • Kayaking
    • Chill out at the beach bar
    • Jungle trekking in pristine jungle
    • Watching the sunset up on Monkey viewpoint
    • Swimming in jungle waterfalls
    • Swinging in the beach bungalow hammocks
    • Swimming in the vivid phosphorescent water

Booking info

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